Senior Spotlight

As the girls’ soccer season comes to a close, seniors say “sayonara” to many memories made.

TEAM CHEMISTRY: Seniors Catherine Penquite and Fatima Esquivel Benjamin hug after the team scores another goal. After every goal in the game, the team cheered each other on for motivation. “Our great team chemistry really improves our play and keeps everyone positive,” Penquite said.

CONNECTIONS: Senior Caroline Sautter walks onto the field with her parents and brother for senior night. After being on the team for four years, and playing soccer since elementary school, Sautter has made many friends through soccer. “My favorite part about being on the team is that I grew up with most of the girls and that we all have such a strong connection,” said Sautter.

SISTERS: Seniors Annelise and Amelia Given walk onto the field with their parents for senior night. The twins have played together since elementary school and have continued playing together for all of high school. “There are definitely moments when we’re really competitive with each other, but mostly we try to build each other up and help each other get better by providing constructive criticism,” said Annelise Given.

MEMORIES: Senior Abigail Brown hugs Caroline Parker after the senior night ceremony. Brown is the team’s goalie and she will be missed by all the friends she has made on the team. “We’re all just like a giant group of friends playing a sport that we all really enjoy,” she said.

COMPETITION: Senior Abigail Kinzig battles a defender for the ball during a sectional game. After outrunning the defender she was able to make a shot on goal. “I just love the competition,” said Kinzig.

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