Students Cheer on Devils for Victory

Student Section Motivates Football Team in Win Against Central Catholic        

New Health and PE Teacher

“I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was in sixth grade, as crazy as that might sound,” Megan Hubbard said. She credited her inspiration to her elementary school gym teacher, who she said got every student excited about PE. Her own experience with sports also gave her insight into what a […]

New Guidance

  “When I was in high school , I didn’t really have a counselor. We had one who did our scheduling, but as far as college prep, I was on my own,” says new high school counselor, Jessica Theaderman. This was the main reason she became interested in being a high school counselor, to provide […]

New Teacher, But Not New To The School.

There is a new teacher that has joined the social studies wing, and his name is Mr. Clay Hanna, or as some people like to call him Coach Hanna. Even though it is his first year teaching at West Side, he has already been an assistant coach for the West Lafayette boys’ varsity basketball team […]

Hidden Arts

Natalie Teibel is an amazing artist, but no one really knows it. Now she going to show the school some of her work. Natalie said that she would walk pass the old mural everyday down by the athletic office, and since she is in tech class here at West Side, she went up and asked […]

WLDM Participants Put On Their Capes and Dance for the Kids

A Superfan’s Job- How They Pump Up A Crowd

Superfan Captains Jack Sautter, Nick Jeffries, and Nate Smith represent the senior class as superfan captains for the 2016-2017 school year. Though their position leaves them with lots of responsibilities, their main jobs are to organize themes for games and to pump up the student body at sporting events.  While there are many ways to pump up […]

After-School Traffic Trouble

RDTV EP 3 (in the tunnels)

The Multi-Talented Tori

Tori Rosa is the perfect example of a Renaissance woman. Whether it be singing, songwriting, acting, directing, or dancing, Rosa puts every drop of her effort into expressing herself. She takes inspiration from everyone she’s met and isn’t afraid to put her feelings out there in the form of song. In an interview, Rosa explains […]

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