How Much Sleep Do You Get Each Day?

  SLEEPING STUDENTS: Many students who don’t get enough sleep feel overly tired and may fall asleep in class. Excessive tiredness can also cause many health issues. Do you get enough sleep each night?

How Many Sports Do You Play?

Pep Rally Rockin’

The She Devils kill their pep rally performance Friday after school, continue trend at  following football game Homecoming, a tradition that has gone on for decades, is an event in which the alumni of West Side are invited back to their beloved high school. For current students, it is a week of fun-filled spirit days, pep […]

Picture Perfect

The She Devils dance team perform at various festivities for the 2018 homecoming celebration.

Tips for completing the Common Application

Senior year has begun and many students have starting preparing for college the application process. Students can use the Common Application to do their essay and college applications. The Common Application is an undergraduate college admission application that students can use to apply to more than just one college. Some students have already started theirs […]

Westside Boiler Invasion Builds Up to Competition Season

It’s lunchtime. You’re strolling through the halls when suddenly you stumble upon a robot in the commons. Who brought this metal machine into the school? The Westside Boiler Invasion robotics team, of course! WBI is a club that builds robots, competes with them, and all the while completes website coding and organizes outreach events. WBI […]

Food for Thought

Meet new Food Service Director You might think that planning the meals for a total of ten schools isn’t easy. According to the new Food Services Director Courtney FitzSimons, you are most certainly correct. Courtney graduated from Ball State University and worked at the Anderson School District before coming to West Lafayette. She is married, […]

An Instructor’s Return to Teaching

As teachers welcomed new and old students to West Side this year, students did the same for many teachers. This school year has brought a great variety of new staff members. Mrs. Boyd is one of those. However, she has a little something that makes her special. Although she is a new teacher this year, […]

New FACS Faculty Excited for a New Year

“I have really enjoyed getting to know the students here with such a diverse population,” said new FACS teacher, Ms. Hart. After seven years at Rossville, she decided to return to the West Lafayette area, where she graduated from Purdue. She liked the area so much, she came back to teach here. “I took all […]

The Reappearing Act: Monsieur Tetrault Returns

New administrators, new teachers, new students. As the school year picks up speed, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of new faces roaming the halls this fall. A familiar face the school is thrilled to welcome back, however, is that of Michael Tetrault. Returning after a two-year break, Tetrault is here part-time teaching Exploratory […]

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