Not An Actively Typical Monday

Selin Gulen (9) spikes the volleyball over the net. Gulen highlighted that on a normal day, there would be activities planned for her class to do. “I like being together with the boys because I feel that with just the girls, it’s not challenging enough and really boring. But when we get together with the other class, it’s way more fun.”

PE Students Break Out Of Routine

It’s one of those days where a teacher is absent for a day and a substitute teacher is called in to take over the teacher’s classes for a short period of time or the whole day. During seventh period on October 21st, most of P.E. teacher Shane Fry’s class weren’t expecting substitute teacher Samuel Short to be there in his place.

After taking attendance, the class headed straight to the junior high gym to play along with fellow P.E. teacher Josh Hembrough’s class. The atmosphere was in high spirits, though some may describe it as somewhat chaotic, noting the lack of order within the gym.

“I was kind of expecting to substitute the class today. I’ve worked in jobs that were a lot more chaotic than this. It’s a good job as far as subbing goes,” Short said.

Most of the boys opted to do multiple pickup basketball games with each other, while the girls warmed themselves up to play an informal mass volleyball game with their classmates. There was also a good mix of other genders who opted do to either.

“I would have had fun either way in this class,” Max Mullis (9) said in reference to today’s unexpected plans.

With the freedom the students have, there were a couple of them that decided to relax near the bleachers. There are times when they would rather rest than deal with the chaos happening, and they’re happy that they have a chance to socialize with their friends, especially from the other class.

“Being inside makes sense because it was raining outside,” Madison Auberry (9) said.

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