Church more than building

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Mitch Witt ’16.

It is my understanding, from The Scarlette mission statement, that you pride yourselves for writing and publishing informative, entertaining, accurate, and professional articles in your paper. The opinion article by Abby Bien, titled Does new pope mean new church? in my opinion, violates this stated policy. The goal of an opinion piece is to inform, educate, and enlighten students who have opinions and feelings by presenting both arguments so to let the reader decide which side is the strongest. I mean no offense to the writer. As a practicing Catholic, I am familiar with the topic and was bothered by the misrepresentation of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is not just a building where people worship. I am the Church along with all other Catholics who believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Church teaches that all people are worthy of love and respect. Homosexuals are not rejected by the Catholic Church. Marriage was and is defined as being between a man and a woman by the Catholic Church. This is the definition. This is what the Church teaches and so is what the new pope will teach. I can empathize that some teachings of the Catholic Church are hard to live with. Catholics, however, have been taught and believe that just because something is difficult doesn’t make it wrong. Often, the right thing isn’t the easiest.

The article doesn’t accurately represent my faith of the Catholic Church. I recommend finding reputable sources for topics that you may not have a great understanding of. I recommend a priest in this case.

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