Dough Shack better than it looks

DOUGH BOY: A vegetarian calzone with a side of queso delights taste buds. All calzones are $6.25 each.

Von’s Dough Shack’s questionable exterior usually makes a person think twice about going inside.

Those people are missing out.  What the dough shack lacks in curb appeal it makes up for, and then some, with their mouth-watering calzones.

Despite their claim of specializing in the making calzones I was skeptical of how much variety stuffed pizza dough could actually have.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide selection of calzones for every type of eater, they even had breakfast calzones.  In addition to the wide variety of fillings, the Dough Shack also gives you the choice of classic, sweet, fire ball, or garlic dough as well as four classic dipping sauces: cheese, ranch, bbq, and marinara.

I ordered a Southwestern calzone off of the vegetarian menu with sweet dough and queso sauce for dipping for $6.78, the flat price for all of their calzones.  I had to wait an agonizing twenty-five minutes after I had placed my order to be served my calzone. My companions and I were just about the only ones in the place so it’s a mystery why it took so long, but it was worth the wait.

After one bite of my black beans, jalapeños, onion, salsa cruda, and cheddar  filled calzone it was apparent that the Dough Shack knew what they were doing. Each bite sort of melted in my mouth, but the best part would have to be there dough.

When I ordered mine sweet I was worried that the taste would clash with my less than sweet fillings. I was wrong. The dough, which was still soft, had just a hint of sweetness that not only meshed perfectly with all the other flavored of my dish but was pure heaven when dipped in queso sauce.

In the name of journalism I sampled my companions’ dishes as well. I found them all enticing with their different combos of dough and sauce. What I recommend for all you carnivors out there is the Supreme with fireball dough and marinara sauce.

With its multitude of meats and veggies it is almost exactly what you would fine under “supreme” on a Pizza Hut menu except it’s completely covered with slightly spicy dough that stops just short of being hot. Dipping the calzone in marinara sauce added the more pizza-y flavor to the dish.

Overall Von’s Dough Shack: Calzones delivered with their eccentric selections of calzones.



Rating: 4 stars

Price: ~$7.00

Miles from school: 2   Location: 311 W. State St


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