Hidden Arts

Natalie Teibel is an amazing artist, but no one really knows it. Now she going to show the school some of her work. Natalie said that she would walk pass the old mural everyday down by the athletic office, and since she is in tech class here at West Side, she went up and asked Mr. Rodgers if the mural was finished or not. He said, “well it has been unfinished for many years, at least since I have been here.” Natalie is also in art club, and she offered for her and the art club to paint and draw on it. Mr. Rodgers thought it was a great idea!

“We just repainted the wall, and now we are starting on the sketch,” Natalie said.” I already planned out the sketch before hand, and now it is just taking the time to draw it up on the wall here.” “It is the middle of April, and we definitely will not be done with it all the way at the end of the year, but I am excited that it will be never be unfinished again like it was.” Right now the wall has just tape and many penciled in lines for the sketch. It may not seem or look like much, but in the end it will turn out very beautiful and neat!

Many people may not know Natalie, but she has an amazing hidden artistic talent. Now she is showing the school just a little piece of her talent by doing a whole new mural on the wall next to the doors. As kids and teachers come through those doors in the mornings, go out to lunch, go out to the parking lot after school, and any other music or athletic activities going on in the evening, everyone who passes by will be able to see her and the art club’s artistic work.

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