Hidden Gems


Photo by Kathrine Schulze

To the people at Exploration Acres, corn isn’t just a four letter word, nor is it merely food to be harvested and sold.

At Exploration Acres, corn is the building block of a massive maze. It is home to the largest corn maze in Northern Indiana, which measures about 18 acres and is comprised of five smaller mazes that are full of trick turns and roundabout paths that can easily get a person turned around – namely, me, who on her first time got so turned around she ended up in a different maze.

If walking through corn for miles isn’t enough incentive to take you on the twenty minute trip out to Exploration Acres, maybe the free coupons for local businesses such as Dairy Queen and Monster Golf that you can redeem at the end of the maze for hitting all of the designated check points hidden along the labyrinth of corn will peak your interest. And if you are looking for an extra fear factor this Halloween come by on the eves of *October 21, 22, 28, and 29, and try finding your way out of a haunted corn maze filled with ghosts and goblins to scare you out of your wits. Trust me, not only will you be scared to look around the next corner but you will also be donating to the Red Cross. So, if your looking for something to do other than hanging around the house losing brain cells to the TV make the short drive to Exploration Acres today.

Adult(13+)- $9.00

Senior(65+)- $7.00

Children(6-12)- $6.00

Open Friday-Sunday Until October 30th

For more information go to: www.explorationacres.com



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