West Lafayette High School Holds Blood Drive

Ms Huckstep gave blood to help people who need it survive. Ms. Huckstep sits in the chair after she gave some blood. Sarah Wilcoxson is excited to give blood next year.

West Lafayette High School held its annual Blood Drive in the Cafeteria.  This is an event where students can give their blood to help people who need it to survive.  People who give their blood are not just helping give physical blood but they are giving their blood so that it can be used to help with, according to The World Health Organization “red blood cells, platelets, and plasma.”  The article also states that women who had complications during pregnancy, people who were severely injured in an accident or another traumatic event resulting in a loss of blood, complex surgeries, cancer patients. Another article from The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, said that hemophiliacs (people who get hurt and their blood can’t clot fast enough), sickle cell disease, and anemia also need blood from donors to survive.  

Many people want to give blood but sadly not all of them follow through with that.  According to givingblood.org, it states that “blood is needed every 2 seconds, 1 in 7 people who go to the hospital need blood, only 37% of the United States population  is eligible to give blood, and less than 10% of the people able to give blood actually do”. Giving blood saves lives and it doesn’t just help the person receiving the blood, it also helps the family of the patient, because you gave them a new shot at life.  

I interviewed Sarah Wilcoxson (11) about what she thought of giving blood for the first time. She said, “It was a really good first experience, and I was glad I had the chance to do it, and it just kind of like felt good knowing that you are helping someone else out and I would definitely do it again.”   If more people donate blood, than more lives will be saved.  To give blood you must be 16 and have parental approval.  If you are 18 you just need an ID card.  You should be hydrated and eat something BEFORE you donate because you will most likely feel dizzy and could possibly faint due to loss of blood.

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