Coffee keeps winter at bay

K. Dees functions as a more fleshed out Starbucks might. Menu items are slightly more costly, but also better prepared.

When winter comes around, students flock to the heated rooms and warm drinks of the local coffee shops.  Their cool crème color décor   provides a welcome contrast to the flurries of snow which are starting to occupy the streets.

Coffee houses can provide the relaxed atmosphere to study for a final or finish a paper, and the two major ones on campus,Vienna and Greyhouse, come equipped with free wifi.

Greyhouse is the most aesthetically put together, featuring a rotating line up of art in the main room, decorations, and impressively subtlety hidden board games for patrons.  The shop has a long history of charitable donations, and has an lets people buy drinks for others as a gift.

It’s also the most prominently located and frequently has people coming and going  in the front room. The shop offers the ability to rent a back room, $20 dollars for the first hour, $10 for the second, as an incentive for large study groups to find a quite place to work.  The cost of the room is in turn repaid with gift cards of equal value, so the cost is really that of the meal, which can include items like gelato or coffee made with a machine directly imported from Italy.  The gelato is creamier than the average American ice cream, but still not to the level of its Italian counterpart.

Vienna can be found right behind Greyhouse, and that seclusion leads to a more laid- back atmosphere, complimented by the fuller menu, with a wider variety, but slightly less exotic.  In comparison, the interior is rather minimalist and less cushy but it could also be considered less gaudy.

K. Dees coffee also provides a venue away from campus, its location at the edge of downtown Lafayette keeps students and studying to a minimum.  K. Dees functions more like a restaurant and has a more modern feel than its competitors, but at the trade off of coziness. If you want a place to get away from Purdue, this would be it.

The majority of the menu at Greyhouse is fairly light. The heaviest food served was probably the crepes.


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