Homecoming Whips Up a Whirlwind Week

MIGHTY MUNCHKIN: Posing on the first day of homecoming week, Gia Bradford holds up her “half pig half rabbit” stuffed animal. She continued to outshine others with her costumes, culminating the week by winning “Overall Best Dressed.” She gave advice to all those deciding whether or not to dress up, “Live life to the fullest…don’t be afraid to be who you are.”


BLOWN AWAY: (Starting from the left) Katie Wereley-Bross, Rebekah Chatterjee, and Logan Hockema all shine through the storms on Twister Tuesday.  These were just some of the many students who took advantage of the theme day to dress wacky.  As Logan put on his costume, clipping Purdue nametags to his ears, he commented, “I basically found every object in my closet I could and just put them on me.”


THE BETTER HALF: As Chris Sommers walks through the classroom on Wednesday, everyone turns to look at him.  He spent a great deal of time and money perfecting his one man costume. He enjoyed making his elaborate costumes because, “It’s just a fun hobby and you know I like the attention of the costumes ‘cause most of the time I’m just the guy in the class but turn Homecoming Week I got my costumes and everyone sees my costumes.”


THREE IS BETTER THAN ONE: Madeline Lynam hugs twins Melia and Anneliese Givan as they triplet for Which Witch is Which Wednesday. They flew above and beyond by tripleting instead of twinning, matching pants and shirts. Reminiscing on the week, Madeline, a senior, said, “It was a fun last homecoming.”


THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOMECOMING: German Club (Pictured here starting from left: Aidan Britton, Lucy Goode, Erin Kane, Logan Hockema, Eric Bota) greets and compliments Ancil Trent as he walks into the building. This was the perfect end to a magical homecoming week.  Rebekah Chatterjee, a member of German Club, said about seizing the day, “If you ask me why I’m dressed up…it’s because why not?”


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