Pass ’em Right

POURING OVER CARDS: Jack Guo, Cam Avery, and Tessa Tyson (L to R) look at their Magic the Gathering cards during a round of the game after school at a Game Club meeting. For Tessa Tyson, it was her first time playing the game and she said, “I have no idea how to play this game.” However, other members of the club helped her to learn how to play.

Friday, December 8th 2017 after school at 4:00 p.m. in Mr. Leffert’s room, Game Club assembled for their weekly meeting. This time, they decided to play “Magic: The Gathering,” a  trading card game that is played with big decks of cards that are passed around from player to player. The cards are passed to the person to the right of the passer in the beginning. A group of six, Mr. Leffert, Tessa Tyson, Cam Avery, Jack Guo, Hagen Rhodes, the president, and Adam Clark sat around a cluster of desks brought together to form a flat surface to lay their cards on. Some of the members of the club were already familiar with the game; others needed some more help to stay competitive. Friendly banter passed from person to person during the game. After about forty minutes, the round ended and everyone counted their cards to see the conclusion.

Game club is a club that meets every Monday at lunch to play many different games. They sometimes also gather to play new games after school. Hagen Rhodes, the president of the club, learns the new games ahead of time and helps to teach the other members with Mr. Leffert. Hagen Rhodes said that he has been a member of the game club since his freshman year. He also thinks that Game Club is a good break from school. He plays lots of games and his favorite game is Exploding Kittens. “It’s really fun, really,” he says about the game. 

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