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Latest news on the new pool

Make a Splash: Construction workers are hard at work getting the swimming pools ready before swim season. Mr. Slauter, Mr. Strode, and new aquatics director Mrs. Klinge were all optimistic about the current development of the pool, despite prior setbacks.

“It’s a great space, it’s much larger and more open than the previous pool, there’s a separate diving well which will probably give more functionality for practice and also allow more programming from the community to come in and use it. It will be a really nice facility that the school will be proud of and I think the West Lafayette community will be proud of,” said Mr. Joel Strode, the athletics director, when asked about the opening of the new pool.

Separated into a competitive, eight-lane swimming pool and a diving well with two boards, the new aquatics facility will soon be up and running. 

“The ribbon cutting ceremony I believe is the 25th (November) at 4 o’clock. So we’re hoping that the pool will be open by that time and that the team will be using it for their first home meet, which I think is that next week right after Thanksgiving,” said Mr. Tim Slauter.

Although not the originally planned open-date, West Side staff involved with the pool construction and the construction workers themselves have been working around setbacks to open the pool before swim season starts. 

“They waited quite a while on the gutter system, that’s kind of what surrounds the pool, so apparently there’s only a handful of companies in the country that can do that,” said Strode.

With limited companies available to work on the gutter, the new aquatics facility had to wait for the guttering, along with other school facilities.

“Within the Lafayette area there’s the Jeff pool, the West Side pool, and the Harrison pool all being worked on right now,” said Mrs. Chris Klinge, the newly hired aquatics director. 

Despite setbacks to construction, everyone is still hopeful that the pool will be open before swim season starts and are all excited for the opening of the new pool.

“It really looks nice. It’s going to be a great facility. Our community is going to be really proud of it, our teams are going to love to practice and compete there. It’s going to be so much nicer than what we’ve had because it’s a larger facility,” said Slauter.

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