Redd-y or Not

Andrew Redd ’13, student body president, handles tons of extracurricular activities with ease.

    Redd passes out information before a Student Council Meeting. Here he explains the agenda for the meeting.
Redd passes out information before a Student Council Meeting. Here, he explains the agenda for the meeting.

A bustling group of kids sits in the lecture hall, talking, some yelling over one another, then a commanding voice calls for attention. This is the usual beginning to a Student Council meeting. “This year we have different committees for events, like homecoming and Hoops for Hope” said Redd. These committees are headed by upperclassmen, Redd’s main job is to make sure these groups get their work done. “Committees  get things done more efficiently and more effectively.”

This is good practice for next year. In college Andrew wants to study in political science.  That means a lot of time spent just like the student council meetings that happen every week here at school. Redd plans on attending Xavier University for a double major in communications and political science.

But handling the chaos of a student government is not all Andrew has on his plate. He also competes at debate tournament on the weekends. Debating alongside Charles Hansen, Redd said, ” We’re pretty confident about our chances at districts.”

In the fall Redd was on our school’s tennis team, though this pass season he did not play as often due to an injury. “I still went to a lot of the matches, and supported the team as much as possible,” said Redd.

Finally when Redd goes home he still has to stop by Kathy’s Kandies, his job, and check on the store and stop in to talk to his boss. But he has been involved in the community in other ways as well. This summer he helped organize the West Lafayette portion of the Taste of Tippecanoe. “I liked planning an event for families to enjoy.”

Other ways Redd helps in the community is through politics. With the election this fall, being interested in government, Andrew was involved and hands-on. He was a democratic representative voting judge down at the union for election day. Also as part of a senator debate, Andrew was invited to ask a question to candidates Mourdock and Donnelly.

He used a Public Forum Debate topic as the basis for the question, asking about the country’s foreign policy in the Middle East. He uses talents and incorporates them into the challenges around him. From being a leader, to debater, or an athlete, Andrew uses his intelligence and drive at West Wide.



Color: Red(d)

Clothing Store: Polo

Soft Drink: Dr. Pepper

Dream Job: Lawyer

Future University: Xavier/Wabash





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