The girls’ track relay receives State Champion rings.

“It is really cool to have the ring to remember the experiences forever.”

Aside from the homecoming parade, pep rally, and football game there was another celebration for the community to witness.  At halftime of the football game, last years girls 4×800 meter relay team of Mary Schultz, Emma Tate, Ellie Tate, and Itoro Udo-Imeh were given their state champions ring on the football field.

“It was a pretty cool experience. It was nice to have my family (grandparents) present to celebrate with me,” said Schultz.

Mary Schultz’s first reaction when she saw her ring previous to the football game was a little unusual. It made her ring a little more unforgettable.

“I will never forget that my ring was originally made wrong and so I had to give it back to Mr. Strode,” said Mary.

The ring had the name of the relay engraved twice instead of having the name of the school.  Mary has since received her correctly made ring.

That relay team has three returning runners, Emma Tate, Ellie Tate, and Mary Schultz, who were juniors at the time.  

“I will never forget this because it was the last time our 4×8 team would be together as a team.  It was a really cool feeling to have the crowd cheer for us as we got the rings. It makes me excited for next season,” said Emma Tate.

The Tack and Field State Championship took place over the summer so this was the first time they received recognition in front of the community.  Therefore, a lot of people do not know many of the details from the event. The relay order was Itoro Udo-Imeh, Mary Schultz. Ellie Tate, and Emma Tate as the anchor leg.  The girls were not expected to win going into the race but they were not going to let it affect their performance, so it made the win that much more exciting.

“I will never forget watching the finish after running my leg, and I was shocked we actually won, because it was a huge upset to Brownsburg,” said Ellie Tate.  

Champions: The 4×800 meter girls relay team of Ellie Tate, 12, Emma Tate,12, Mary Schultz, 12, and graduate Itoro Udo-Imeh receives their state champion rings. They won the relay over the summer and were honored at the homecoming football game. “It was really exciting because everyone was really excited for us and it was a very positive experience,” said Ellie Tate.

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