Roberta Weiner is indescribably quirky

Roberta Weiner is a jack-of-all-trades. She’s dabbled in many activities and is always open to trying something new.  She plays piano and viola and is a part of West Lafayette’s String Quartet, the school’s Symphony Orchestra and Wabash Valley Youth Symphony.  She relishes in the sense of accomplishment music brings. She also enjoys dance. She dances hula, was president of Ballroom Dance Club last year and admits, “I experiment with hip-hop on my own.”
Traveling and experiencing new cultures is a big part of her life. “My dad works at Purdue and every seven years we go on sabbatical and live somewhere cool,” Roberta explained.  She lived in Germany until she was about six, and still considers herself  “familiar and comfortable with the German people.”  She takes German IV here at West Side so she can improve her knowledge of the language.  One of her favorite locations to live in was Boulder, Colorado because “It was just beautiful.”
When asked her favorite class at West Side, she said it was a tie between ninth grade Honors Biology and Advanced Painting. But, when asked about her favorite teacher she shook her head. “I don’t think I can answer that. I can’t answer that because all of our teachers are good in some ways and bad in some ways. Like Mr. Overly’s enthusiasm and Mrs. Gates’ faith in her students and her willingness to work the same problem over and over until you understand it. She won’t give up on you.” She also spoke highly of other teachers, and classes at West Side in general.
She also stated people should know who their friends are and be true to them.  She admires friends who can stay close, and thinks people are the most important thing in life.
Regarding college and her future career, Roberta says she wants to attend college at the University of Chicago, or somewhere on the East Coast. She plans on majoring in either Biology or Political Science. In her words she wants to do,“Something that would make a difference.”
When asked to describe herself, she said, “I think I learn for the sake of learning, and not for a grade.  I’m creative. I’m quirky.”  Her friend Alyse Allred declared her, “Eclectic, but sweet. She was one of the first people to befriend me when I moved here.”
A final comment from Roberta truly captures her unique, quirky and diverse personality. “With my friends, I’m a goofball. I like to make them laugh. But with people I don’t know well, I’m more shy and philosophical.”
Whatever she ends up doing, Roberta Weiner has a sharp wit, an array of artistic skill, and a unique view of the world that will carry her far.

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