Senior Lauren Connell livens up West Side


The hallways of West Side are often filled with stressed-out students rushing to class. Very rarely do students take the time to acknowledge others. An exception to this rule is senior Lauren Connell. With a personality as sunny and shiny as her long, blonde hair, Lauren is said by friend Brandon Cebulla to “always be smiling.”

Others agree with this description of Lauren. “She’s funny without even knowing it,” said friend Carissa Pekny.

Lauren’s success is not limited to her ability to always make others smile and laugh. The four-year varsity softball player will be joining the University of Michigan’s Division I softball team this fall. “She is really driven,” said friend and former softball teammate Wylie Gorup. “She’s been wanting to play college softball since we were in little league and she worked hard to make that happen.”

Lauren started playing softball at the age of five, and plays yearround. During the spring season, she plays on the school team and spends the rest of her time on a travel team consisting of girls from around the state. “I used to play basketball and volleyball, but now I just focus on softball,” she said.

Softball has given Lauren the opportunity to have many unique experiences. “I’ve gotten to travel to some really neat places for camps and college visits,” she said. Lauren started actively working to be recruited last year. “I wanted to go somewhere that was a big school and where academics are a big part too,” she said. “Michigan is perfect.” Not only is the Division I school ranked 15th in the nation for softball, but it has stellar academics as well. Lauren plans to study business, and is considering going into law as well.

Lauren gives the same enthusiasm she has for softball to every thing she does. At West Side, some of her favorite classes have included film literature and psychology. “Psych is so fun,” she said. “I think it’s so interesting how people’s brains work.”

Outside of school, Lauren enjoys hanging out with friends, playing the guitar, and visiting Echo Karaoke. “She is a really good singer, but people just don’t know about it,” joked friend Christopher Park.

Whatever Lauren is doing, she tries to have a good time. “I always try to have a positive attitude,” she said. “You can look at things two ways, and I always try to see the good side of things.”

Lauren’s friends appreciate her positive outlook on life. “My favorite thing about her is that she is an awesome friend and always there when I need to talk to her or complain about my life,” says Wylie.

Some of Lauren’s friends call her “Loco” as an endearing term referring to her exuberant and entertaining personality. “She actually makes me laugh 100 times a day,” says Wylie. Carissa adds, “Loco definitely has tiger blood running in her veins. I mean, what else could describe her superhuman ability to play softball?”

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