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youth-art-monthEach year the community hosts what is called Youth Art Month, a month dedicated to young artists and their work. There are several events, including an art show, student artwork being put up in the Statehouse, and an Art Auction to fund a charitable event.

“It runs through most of March,” said Mrs. Kincaid, who is in charge of the art presentation part of the event. However, this year, West Side didn’t participate in the art show.

“It’s the logistics of getting the art there this year,” explains Kincaid, “This year the drop off was during Spring Break, so it would have been hard to get students to be a part of it,”

However, she still encourages students to take part in it in future years. She especially enjoys putting up art in the statehouse.

“The art in the courthouse can help the people deciding what’s important to have in schools. Some school districts are cutting out art and music, and this way the public can see that art is important and appreciated,” she added. “It’s a way of making the public aware of what’s going on.”

The Art Auction, which will take place the first week of April is another upcoming event.

“There is an Art Auction coming up sponsored by the student humanitarian organization that will showcase artwork by local artists and west side students,” said Anna Searle, who has been involved in organizing the event, “The auction is to raise money for our partner school in Swaziland.”

“Students have been meeting in commitees to prepare for the auction,” said Mr. Mullis, the events sponsor. All students are encouraged to submit artwork for a good cause!


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