Support the Cause

 On October 12th, Powder Puff was played between high schoolers. They played flag football in a non-competitive manner and each grade level played another grade. It is a great cause that helps raise money for kids at Riley Children’s hospital. The one thing that people always have during this event is fun. “Some coaches dressed in suits or wore funny outfits which made it really fun. It was disrupted due to fall sports trying to be careful in the postseason, but we still had fun and made the most of who was able to show up,” said Taylor Woods(9). All grades got to play against each other, which might make some things unfair. They still played in a competitive, but respectful manner.  “My team did well, in my opinion, because we were the smallest and youngest team there, but we still went 0-2. It was so fun and I think everyone should try it because if there are more people, it would be competitive,” said Molly Andrews(9). The main reason why they do this event is to help raise money for children who are sick. Towards the end of the year, there is a dance that people can participate in for WLDM that raises a lot of money, but during the year they try to do small fundraisers to help, also. “I think everyone should do these small events because they are so fun to be with your friends and you can help raise money. Most people don’t realize that these events for WLDM aren’t just for fun, and that when you participate, you are doing a great thing. What makes powderpuff so fun is the competitiveness each class brings. I decided to play because I enjoy sports and it’s for a great cause,” said Kennedy Martin(11).

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