West Side Girls Basketball Game Versus Rossville

Kylie Reif, 9, stands in a huddle with the Varsity team. Her favorite part of practice is, “Laughing with the team at some of the dumbest things.” The early season is looking good for the devils.

Melissa Fernandez, 10, dribbles the ball down the court. “We usually listen to music in the locker room and dance together.” It was a dominating home game.

Ashley Weatherly, 12, rips the ball from a Rossville player. “There’s always pressure that comes along with senior year. This year though, I’m looking forward to the excitement of it all.” This jump ball went into West Side possession.

Ava Doty, 10, in-bounds the ball. “I really enjoy basketball and it is really fun.” A key player for the girls team.

Caroline Sautter, 12, shoots free throws. “I’m proud of how my teammates and I played against Rossville. We all worked together and none of us played for ourselves.” Her senior leadership is essential.

Kirsten Trinh, 12, passes the ball to a fellow teammate. “I don’t have anything in specific that I eat, only food that is given to me by other players.” She has played all four years of high school.

Alaina Omonode, 11, successfully gains the ball possession at tip off. “Sometimes I listen to music before games and others I read.” A successful day following a 40 point game the week previously.

Abby McCain, 10, high fives her team after a time out. “I always pray, drink a blue Gatorade, and get hype with my teammates in the locker room.” Cheering is a major part of the team morale.

Gillian Beaver, 10, stands with her team during the handshakes. “I usually grab a Jimmy Johns sandwich right after school and most of us jam out in the locker room before the game.” Valiant efforts against Rossville.

Gabby Trent, 9, listens in a team huddle. “I have a strawberry banana smoothie before a game.” Freshman reserve plays varsity and junior varsity.

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