Fall production promises laughs


STAR-CROSSED LOVERS: Gaia Attardo (Alice) and Connor Beaver (Tony) rehearse for the fall play.

The fall season has begun, and with it comes the first of two plays presented by the West Side Drama Club. This fall, the club is performing “You Can’t Take it With You,” a comedy co-written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. It is the first ever directed by junior high English teacher Mrs. Good at West Side, whose directing skills have been described by the cast as “amazing” and “phenomenal”.


In the production, Tony Kirby, the CEO of a major corporation and his secretary, Alice Sycamore, fall in love. However, their very different family backgrounds prevent them from being together. Tony, played by sophomore Connor Beaver, comes from an affluent and extremely uptight family. Conversely, Alice, played by senior Gaia Attardo, lives in a home led by her grandpa, Martin Vanderhoff (more commonly referred to as Grandpa, and portrayed by senior David Raley) who gladly takes in a broad spectrum of people, ranging from a drunk to a Russian ballet dancer.


The only obstacle preventing the two from uniting are their families’ clashing ideals, and when Alice and Tony introduce their families to each other over an uproariously comical dinner, the austere Kirbys are appalled by the eccentric behavior of the Sycamores.


“You Can’t Take it With You” offers nonstop comedy and several painfully awkward moments put together in a fast-paced production which sets out to teach its audience a moral that is especially important in the diverse community of West Lafayette.


For those seeking a night of entertainment provided by their friends and peers, “You Can’t Take it With You” is the perfect opportunity.


Will the two young beaus be able to overcome the obstacles that their loving, but diametrically opposed families present them with, or will their love crumble under the stress of attempting to unite the two antipodes? Find out at “You Can’t Take it With You” this November.


Production dates: Friday Nov. 4th & Saturday Nov. 5th at 7 P.M. Tickets are $7.


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