Perfect songs for a perfect evening


1. First Day of My Life

Bright Eyes

This song is great. It’s low-key feel and meandering melody are perfect for just hanging out. The lyrics also aren’t cliche, which makes it mean so much more. Plus, check out the music video, it’s adorable.



2. The Bird and the Worm


Owl City


There may be a stigma out there about Owl City sucking, but this song certainly has a lack of suck. This song is probably the cutest thing I have ever listened to. The witty lyrics make it even more enjoyable.



3. Crash the Party


Ok Go


Oftentimes people only listen to sappy love songs on V-Day, but this song breaks from the homogenous mixture of sap. This song is basically about throwing usual dating customs and stereotypes out the door and just having fun with your significant other.



4. Home

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

This song’s Johnny Cash throwback vibe is only part of what makes it so great. The lyrics are so amazingly sincere and heartwarming I can’t help but feel my eyes get moist each time I give it a listen. The bridge section is also very funny, so make sure to give it a listen.



5. How in the World


Family Force Five


This song probably falls into the more cliche part of this list, but give it a chance. The melody is strong and will definitely make you think of your significant other. Also, the song has a different feel because of it’s techno aspects.



6. Losing Streak


The Eels


Don’t let the title fool you–this is, in fact, a very happy song. All in all, this is a feel good song with an admirably quirky feel. Enjoy!


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