Nate Breneman gives back

In 2003 the Presidents Council on Service and Civic Participation was created to reward citizens for helping others.  The council gives awards out at various levels depending on the amount of service done, ranging from the bronze level (100 hours in a year) to the President Call to Service Award (4000 lifetime hours). Honorees receive a pin, […]

Tablet technology has its setbacks

Have you gotten in trouble for taking out your cellphone during class? Students have been bringing their various versions of mobile technology to school, but now these devices are being implemented in classes to utilize their academic aspects. Two classes, Mr. Lubben’s physics classes and Student Publications, started using school-issued iPads to add a multimedia […]

Winter Brings Sickness

It’s winter and you’re sick…again. Most people think of wintertime as the season when people get the most colds, flues, and other illnesses, causing them to miss more school. But at West Side, this isn’t always the case said Mr. Slauter, assistant principal. “Students start to realize that they only have a few more days left […]

Art History takes Chicago

Sitting in a classroom learning about world-famous art pieces can be fun, but seeing them in person is ideal. “I think it’s important that the students see real artwork; the pictures in the book don’t do the pieces justice.” said art teacher Mrs. Yoder.  That’s why Yoder’s third and fourth hour Art History AP classes […]

Despite Rules, Students Text

r u txting in class? The classrooms and halls of West Side are filled with students pulling out their phones, texting, and checking Twitter despite the “no phones in school” rule except during the lunch hour. However, it seems that teachers are becoming less restrictive with the rule. A majority of teachers said that instead […]

Are blackouts becoming tradition?

The school was plunged into darkness on October 8, 2012 as utility lines were dug up at a nearby construction site. The lights were out from the end of first period to the middle of third period, with school continuing normally after the slight scrambling of the day’s schedule. Most students expressed relief for the […]

Red Ribbon Week Sparks Awareness

 Red Ribbon Week to many may be just a week of dressing up and having fun, but the purpose behind the “festive” week has a much more serious tone. A Drug Enforcement Administration agent, Enrique “Kiki” Camarena was captured and brutally killed in line of duty by drug traffickers in 1985. Red Ribbon Week, a week of drug and alcohol […]

Students Push for Drug Test

Most high schools have some form of a drug testing system.  West Side, however, remains drug test free. Both the neighboring high schools of McCutcheon and Harrison have randomized drug testing policies. McCutcheon was one of the first schools in the nation to have such policies, taking their case to federal courts and paving the way […]

Downtown has Wi-Fi

Checking sports scores. Catching breaking news. Watching videos of cats. Learning. Whatever you may use the internet for, it is hard to imagine your life without it. A new development in town may greatly improve your quality of life as public Wi-Fi has been instated. On August 2nd, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place downtown […]

West Side stars in movie

West Lafayette High School is often thought of as one of the top public schools in the state, sometimes even nation. Although the school district itself is growing more successful each year the quality of public education in the US as a whole, is declining. The West Lafayette School Corporation is producing a documentary to […]

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