“Ghetto” Joe tees up for success

Joseph Kim ’15 is a two-sport athlete (golf and wrestling) known throughout the school among his friends and acquaintances as “Ghetto Joe”.  According to Kim, this nickname came about when his friends started teasing him about his “roots” since he was born in California.  He decided to play along with this joke and became “Ghetto […]

Spring Sports in a Nutshell

  The greatest basketball player to ever play, Michael Jordan, once said “I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.” West Lafayette athletes take the same mindset.  As the second semester reaches the midway […]

Sports superstitions continue

There are lots of things that West Side sports teams consider to be traditions, they can be anything from wearing special clothes on game days to having special rituals right before they play.  Some athletes directly relate these traditions to wins or losses.  If it works, why change it?

Seriously Speaking 8/16

What was your first impression of West Side?         

Fall Sports in a Nutshell:

West Lafayette hopes for another successful year of fall sports. Summer is over, school started, and you know what that means: fall sports. When people think of fall sports they think of the Friday night thrill of a football game, but that is only one of the many successful sports programs at West Side. Girls Soccer: […]

WL sports for dummies

For some, sports are not in their main interests and therefore they are uninformed about what actually goes on with our school sports. Given that, here is some basic information about West Side sports. -Girls Tennis Coach: Tim Wright Key Players: Sasha Sokolchik ’15, Miriam Frank ’13, Rival: Harrison Last Sectional Title: 2012 Season: Spring -Boys […]

Featured Athlete: Gaurav Mittal

Gaurav Mittal ’13 is a golf prodigy. Golf is a lot more complicated than just whacking a ball with a stick. Even with the many complex and varied golf swings, Gaurav Mittal ’13 has nearly perfected this tricky sport. Mittal started playing golf at age seven when his dad bought him his first club. “I […]

It’s a hole-in-one for Sean Busch

       Senior Sean Busch has been playing golf since he could walk. Coming from a family that loves the game, Sean was exposed to golf at a very young age. Although he has been a three-sport athlete throughout high school, also playing football and basketball, he has spent much of his 18 years on […]

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