It’s no secret that in order to be an elite level wrestler, an arduous amount of dedication and diligence is required. Success does not come easily or quickly.  Even if a competitor considers “winning” as the most fun part of the sport, many are driven more by a hatred of losing than a love of […]

Nine wrestlers are moving on to Regionals

The wrestlers from West Lafayette won big on Saturday, January 28, when they competed in the IHSAA Sectionals. As a whole, the team scored in third place, with 9 wrestlers moving on to compete in the Regionals. Mr. Rick Roseman, coach of the wrestling team, said “ [My favorite moment was] Mykiel Stallings winning. It […]

Wrestling season has begun

The wrestling team begins their new season with a dedication to succeed. Head Coach Rosemond says of the “26 guys on the team, 24 do at least one other sport,” he went on to explain some even do two other sports. Dylan Trent ’16 is one of the athletes on the team who plays more […]

Winter Sports in a Nutshell

  Many West Lafayette Fall sports teams ended their season with a favorable ending.  Girl’s soccer won their first ever class A state championship, boy’s and girl’s cross country finished ninth and fourth respectively at state, and volleyball brought home a sectional title.  As winter sports quickly approaches, the teams participating hope to continue this […]

Minimum wage hike divides workers

Last February, President Barack Obama initiated a movement to raise the minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. This is a large increase for 49 states, including Indiana. Washington is currently the only state with a minimum wage that is nine dollars or higher; their requirement is $9.19 an hour. The goal of such an […]

WL sports for dummies

For some, sports are not in their main interests and therefore they are uninformed about what actually goes on with our school sports. Given that, here is some basic information about West Side sports. -Girls Tennis Coach: Tim Wright Key Players: Sasha Sokolchik ’15, Miriam Frank ’13, Rival: Harrison Last Sectional Title: 2012 Season: Spring -Boys […]

Wrestling down and out

Wrestling: one of the first 8 sports in the Olympics back in Rome in 708 B.C and now people around the world won’t see one of the most famous Olympic sports ever. However, many states across the country and many countries around the world are trying to raise awareness and protect the sports beloved by […]

Duvall defines dedication

As a fourth grader, John Duvall ’14 began to wrestle for the first time. He joined the clubs at Happy Hollow when his current head coach Mr. Roseman suggested he go out for wrestling. At the time Mr. Roseman was Duvall’s fourth grade teacher. “He told me to join [wrestling] because I was big and at the time they […]

Winter sports thrive

Boys’ Basketball: Going into the season, there were high expectations for the boys basketball team, both from themselves and fans.  With four of the starters being seniors, there was a very experienced group on the court.  In the beginning, however, Coach Wood worried about how well they were meshing.  “There were five individuals on the […]

By the numbers

Various winter sports, including basketball, have recently started their seasons

2- hours in a typical girls basketball practice 4- place the boys’ basketball team received in the J&C Hoops Classics 14- number of weight classes in IHSAA wrestling 15- (February) the date of the Hoops for Hope game vs. Harrison 16- number of seniors in winter sports 34- length (in years) of Mr. Overley’s football […]

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