Tough Love: Pick up love

Today, pick-up lines are just funny and usually obscene conversation starters for those who want to impress their prospective love interest.  However, pick-up lines shouldn’t be discredited completely, because when done right, they can really work wonders. Here are some pick-up lines that we “picked up” from West Side’s student body: “Are you a parking ticket? […]

Tough Love: The first step to dating

Stage One: The Big Question “Will you go out with me?” These famous, awkward first words have been the start of many relationships, but what’s the story behind this banal phrase?  Does a lot of thought go into it, or is it just ad-libbed? Is the gesture appreciated, or are they hoping for more?   We asked […]

Complimenting is not flirting

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Chris Zhang ’14. For those who know me, I come off as an awkward person who, in midst of his strange gestures, has purely good intentions. For those who aren’t quite familiar with me, however, I cross a line of knowing when or when not […]

Men opressed in dating

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Charles Hansen ’13. Why do we still live in a backwards society? When confronted with perceived disparities in maturity, the correct response is not to assume superiority, but to take all surrounding factors into perspective. In the article “The Boy Problem Grows,” published on January […]

Prepare for Promenade Plight

April 1st officially marks the kickoff of the shift from Prom being a side conversation to the epicenter of all locker bay gossip. The search for a date suddenly becomes a frantic wild goose chase. Everyone without a date becomes desperate and starts considering going with their cousin. People with a date try deliriously to […]

V-Day not that hard

I should probably start this article with the disclaimer that it isn’t necessarily the best idea to take relationship advice from me.  Not because I’m extremely bad at it, but because really, why bother?  Holidays shouldn’t exactly be the end of the world. Valentine’s Day can be tough. You need to find something both sufficiently creative and […]

Making long distance relationships work

If your relationship made it to the end of the school year, you’re probably wondering what’s next. You may be going off to college, going on an exchange program for the summer or just going on a family vacation; and you’re probably trying to decide whether to stay in your relationship or call it quits. […]

To pay or not to pay…

Since the rise of the feminist woman, the male population has had numerous questions, one being “Who pays for the date?” The preference in this subject changes from girl to girl, so here are a few tips to keep from getting either dumped because you didn’t pay, or dumped because you did. First of all, […]

Prom Proposals

This is the season. The time when girls’ minds are flooded with images of cerulean, satin, and which orchid goes the best with which lapel. This is also the time when your brain is in ultimate panic mode, but before you can start having a mental breakdown about how much your tux is going to […]

Dealing with Clingy Girls

     So I kind of railed on you guys before Valentine’s Day for being overprotective. But never fear, you’re going to love this issue’s topic: clingy girlfriends. Throughout your dating career, you’ve probably either been involved with a clingy girl or seen one of your friends being eaten alive by a possessive monster. Here are […]

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